If you would like your furniture to have that clean smell with brighter colors and a new appearance—then give me a call for a free no obligation estimate at (336) 653-6799. Or email me at mike@lahrscarpetcleaning.com


Many people don’t see the need to have their upholstered furniture cleaned because you don’t notice the soil like you do on carpet. Over a period of time your upholstery fibers are exposed to atmospheric soiling, dust, body oils, pet soils, dust mites, etc.  Over time the appearance of your furniture starts to look dull and doesn’t smell new anymore. Dry vacuuming certainly helps to remove dust and loose soil.  If you have your furniture cleaned, you would be surprised by how much brighter and cleaner your furniture would look, and yes—having that refreshing look.

I also clean leather furniture and can apply a leather lotion that moisturizes the leather and puts that leather smell back on your furniture.

I clean furniture on site.  There is no need to cart your furniture all over town to have it cleaned.  Cleaning on location, will save you pick up & delivery charges, thus saving you money. 


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