If you would like for me to look at your floor to determine what needs to be done, then give me a call at (336) 653-6799 Or email me at mike@lahrscarpetcleaning.com

There are a lot of different variations of wood floors— there are the sanded floors, engineered floors and the pergo/laminated floors. Certainly these floors enhance the decor of your rooms.  You can enjoy the rich, natural beauty of  a wood floor.

As your wood floors start to age, the appearance will start looking duller and not as clean. When your wood floors get to that stage I can certainly help make your floors look newer again. The condition of your floors will determine what needs to be done.  There are topical coatings that I can apply to give your floors that clean, new look.


The sandless method of re-finishing your floors.  This process is very economical with minimal down time.  This process works well with pre-finished and sanded floors.   I do offer water & oil based wood floor finishes. 

Sanding method -   Sometimes your floors may be beyound the sandless method and your floor may need to be sanded.  If you want to change the color of your floor, then you have to have your floors sanded, restained and a new finish added to your wood floor.  I'll be glad to give you a free estimate for this method.

If you have pergo floors—there is a sealer coating  that I can apply to add some sheen to the floor and give your floor added protection.  Your floors will have that clean, new look.

Wood floor cleaning - Maybe your floors just need a good cleaning without adding any coatings.  I have a wood floor cleaning machine that will do an excellent job of cleaning your wood floors. 

I'll be glad to give you a free consultation to determine what would be best for your wood floor needs.

Result - Enjoy the rich, natural beauty of your floors and give your floors that clean, new look with added protection.


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